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Setting Volte Up

Make sure Volte is in your server...

Volte won't work if it's not in your server. Duh. If you haven't already, here you go.

Upon inviting Volte into your Discord server, you'll receive a DM. This DM contains instructions that help you properly setup the bot for your server, and ready to receive commands and do your bidding. Once you've finished everything in that DM, come back here.


This documentation assumes your prefix with Volte is the standard $. If it is not, simply change it when running commands from this page.

Getting Started

To begin, figure out what features you'd like to enable. You're going to use the helpful aptly-named help command to display command information.

Most features are configurable via the Settings command group. To start, run $h settings (h is an alias for the help command). You'll see that settings has many subcommands. Just append whatever subcommand you want to the end of your next command to run it. For example, if I wanted to modify the AutoRole for my server, I'd run $settings autorole.

Other, more in-depth features, such as the welcome system or tags, have entire command groups for configuring them.