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What can the bot do? This stuff!

If you didn't know...

Everything here is togglable. You can use every feature, or you can just use one. It's all up to you.


  • Custom Prefix
    • Set Volte's prefix to anything you desire; it doesn't need to stay as $.
  • Automatic Quoting
    • When you paste a Discord message URL in chat with this enabled, Volte will delete your message and show an embed containing the message that you linked to, provided Volte is in the guild where that message was sent. If it isn't, it does nothing.
  • Autorole
    • Give people roles right when they join your Discord guild.
  • Welcome
    • Welcome new people when they join your guild. Completely customizable!
  • Antilink
    • Prevent people from advertising their Discord guilds in yours.
  • Mass Mention Checks
    • Delete messages containing @everyone, @here, or more than (individual user) 10 mentions.
  • Moderation
    • Ban, Kick, Softban, Warning, and more! Manage your members.
  • SelfRole
    • Create a list of roles that members can give themselves at will, via commands (not reactions, at this moment.)
  • Tags
    • Create tags to show users pre-set information, set by yourself!
  • Utility
    • Create polls, show someone's avatar, submit feedback for Volte, BigEmoji, see what you're listening to on Spotify, Quote command, and more.
  • Modlog
    • Log moderation actions performed by your moderators done through Volte.
  • New Account Detection
    • Automatically log (to the Modlog channel as described above) when a user joins and their account is at most a month old. Volte will tell you the age of the account.